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"I am very happy & lucky that I got the opportunity to work with Col one-to-one. The knowledge I now have can't be compared to any other course. I'm ready to go out and make my film now."

Ieva Jacobija, freelance director



"I went to see Col with a tangled mass of ideas, and no notion of where nor how to begin. With Col's gently interrogative approach, I came out a mere two hours later with a coherent, finely tuned vision of what I wanted to do and a clear strategy for how to achieve it. I see how much time and effort I would have wasted had I not gone to see Col first! A simply invaluable experience."

Suhad Sirhan, director



"Massively insightful creating lightbulb moments that will affect my work every day. Invaluable."

Simon Gee, Adventure Film & Media


"The experience itself was great - like going to the creativity gym. It stretched me, worked me, felt like I was improving myself. This aspect of your service I think is particularly beneficial to me, someone at the beginning of his career. Being able to discuss a film in a collegiate kind of way with someone so experienced and knowledgeable is a great learning opportunity, actually a privilege, and a total steal at the rates you're charging."

Oscar Barlow


"Col helped me frame a number of ideas into a single solid framework for a documentary series and gave me the confidence to make it as well as it could possibly be done."

Neville Manuel


"Very energising course, really helpful to jumpstart and ignite ideas which have long been dormant." 


"I really have been inspired by Col. He didn't pander, he was tough but it was necessary to come away with something so invaluable in 5 days." 


"I think Col is a really energetic, honest and inspiring tutor who doesn't look to boost your ego but instead pushes you to question your ideas helping you to gain clarity and confidence." 


"Col has a great way of communicating with his students, is tough with you but that is the push we all needed." 

"Enjoyed learning from Col immensely, very engaging, challenging and enthusiastic." 


"I enjoyed the course immensely and felt like I learned a huge amount - I can't wait to put it all into practice." 


"Thank you for inspiring me." 


"Do the course sooner rather than later!" 


"Fantastic tutor! Col is great." 


"Great course, really enjoyed it and feel very enriched." 


"Col's energy and passion was infectious." 


"It was great and inspiring. I think it will make a positive change in my life."

"For anyone who wants to translate an idea or story onto film I would highly recommend working with Col."

Juan Serrano



"Col is very encouraging but crucially he will also challenge you in order to raise the bar of what you're doing. I'm sure that anything I do in the future will be better as a result."

Eddy Taylor, producer/director



"I learned more over three sessions with Col than I did over my entire MA."

Andy Reeves



"Col is an amazing, amazing teacher."

Tariq Daly



"It was great working one to one with Col on my documentary Idea.  He really helps you to figure out what it is to make an entertaining documentary, what the strengths are in your proposal, and what aspects you need to work on.  Very useful, highly recommended!"  

Louis Ruddick



“Having spent a number of months throwing around ideas and even creating an edit that didn't hang together or do justice to those people in the film  - within 4 hours, you helped me: cut through the complexity; focus on the important and interesting; identify suitable mechanisms to tell the story well; and, build a structure that works, and perhaps most importantly, this new structure will now connect this documentary with a wider audience than the narrow audience this topic first assumes. A great investment, thank you so much.”​

Morag Livingstone, Morag Livingstone Media

"I needed help with my documentary idea and found Col sharp, inspiring, challenging and very supportive. I am very grateful that he gave me exactly what I need to move on."

Pam Kleinot

"Col is simply masterful at bringing an unruly story to heel. In the short space of time working with him, he trained me to focus in on the core elements of my story that work for me as a filmmaker and for my audience. Walking away from our session and having a clear direction around which I could rally contributors and collaborators was priceless."

Jamie Grant

"I am so glad I found Col and decided to go go for a one on one consultation with him. I had become stuck and was going round in circles with my documentary idea, but after an hour and a half with Col what I needed to do next became totally clear, as did the structure of my film. He is really easy to get along with, the session was fun, I learnt a lot and we nailed my pitch and Col gave me invaluable delivery tips. You can tell he knows his stuff and really got me thinking about what I wanted get across in my film. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the documentary making process like I was - I would highly recommend a session."

Danni King, TV presenter & director

"In just a couple of hours Col was able to have me transform a fuzzy set of thoughts and ramblings into an exciting and entertaining documentary idea. His ability to ask the right questions, and get to the heart of what I needed to move forward, was quite simply masterful. I now have a clear vision of what is it I'm out to capture, and would definitely recommend this as a first step in having your idea become a reality. Thanks again Col!"

Paul Bridgman, director

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